How Raiz Developed Stronger Brand Messaging

…and Killed Two Other Birds With That Same Stone.

Background Information

This case study outlines the outcomes of a brand strategy session I conducted with Matt Runnell from Raiz, LLC.

Section 1: About Raiz

Raiz is a growing company offering fresh, healthy foods in smart vending machines at three locations around Little Rock. They donate their unsold, yet still very fresh, inventory to various non-profits who work with the homeless in Little Rock.

Section 2: Branding Challenges

Raiz had three main challenges they needed to address:

  1. They wanted to let people know the proper way to pronounce their name without spending too much money on radio and other advertising.
  2. Their current slogan “Food on a Mission” left unanswered questions such as “what is the mission?” and “how does their food product help accomplish that mission?” In other words, what should “Food on a Mission” mean to their customers?
  3. They also wanted to give their brand a stronger foundation so that marketing messages would lead customers to assemble themselves into a loyal tribe.

Section 3: Solutions

It was decided that the best way to arrive at solutions to the challenges mentioned above was to conduct a brand strategy session. Here are the results of that session:

All agreed that the most important issue was the foundation of the brand. Through a series of brainstorming exercises three core values were identified: healthy living, personal improvement, and giving back to the community.

For the problem of how to let customers know the proper pronunciation of the name “Raiz”, I suggested they change their slogan from “Food on a Mission” to “Raise Yourself. Raise Others”. This should be placed directly under the company logo on the vending machine and all marketing materials. The use of the word “raise” would signal to customers that the company name “Raiz” is pronounced the same way.

Another benefit of a new slogan is that it would tell customers that eating Raiz’s healthy food products will help them improve themselves. When they improve their own lives they will have a greater ability to help others. This lets them join in Raiz’s mission to give back to the community.

It was recommended that Raiz’s social media accounts should focus less on pictures of the food and more on their donations to non-profits. They should also feature customers’ self-improvement and community-improvement success stories. This would be much more compelling content and would form a tribe with Raiz as the leader.

Section 4: Results

To be continued…

(The results of this advice will depend on whether Raiz implements some or all of the suggestions put forth. If I have more to share in the future I will add the results to this section.)