MediCompare Increased Conversions With One Video

MediCompare offers a simple way to compare health insurance from leading providers. They team up with some of the best insurers in the country to help find the best coverage for their customers. Visitors to their website simply need to simply enter their details in the online form and one of the partnering insurance companies will get back to them on the same day provide them with a free quote. 

MediCompare had a problem though. They were getting plenty of website visitors, but they were having trouble converting those visitors into leads.

They decided to create a video that would encourage their visitors to fill out their online form. Check out what they created.

Here is the video MediCompare created with the tool available at

Just by making this video and placing it prominently on their home page, the MediCompare team saw a 20% increase in conversions and a 17% increase in policy purchases. Pretty nice, right?

Adding a video to your site doesn’t have to take a long time or be prohibitively expensive.