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P.S. – Why All Business Websites Should Be Open About Their Pricing

Have you ever gone to a website, gotten frustrated as you looked for pricing, and left the site because you couldn’t find pricing? Almost everyone has!

Lots of businesses choose not to show pricing on their website. Some of their excuses are:

  • Our pricing is too complicated!
  • We don’t want our competitors to see our pricing model!
  • We might scare away customers!

This used to be the correct way of thinking. But now the world has changed and the Inbound Marketing way is the only right way.

What is the right way?

The Inbound Marketing way is to always be educating your customers. Always make it easy for your customers to become customers. Always target your idea customer.

If your price scares away someone who is visiting your site, there are only three reasons.

  1. They can’t afford your services. (Let them go. Don’t waste time on them. Don’t waste their time!)
  2. You haven’t done a good job explaining the value of your service. (You have really got to fix that! People want to learn by themselves. They don’t want to have to talk to a salesman.)
  3. Your prices ARE too high. (This won’t be fixed by making someone call you to get a price.)

You should be fixing those problems instead of hiding your pricing.