Real Estate Listing Videos Are a Waste of Money, but…

…here’s why you should be making them anyway:

A real estate listing video isn’t worth the money if you are trying to use it to sell houses. Although buyers like seeing a video, they are still going to want to see the house in-person. Photographs are enough to get a buyer interested. They may like watching a video, but they won’t buy a house because they saw a video.

Even though the above is true, here’s why you should still be investing in real estate listing videos…

Real Estate Listing Videos Help Get You More Listings

If a seller is comparing you to a competitor, they will likely choose the realtor that shows they spend the most and work the hardest to advertise their listings.

Here is what you need to remember:

It doesn’t matter if videos actually sell homes.

It only matters that sellers think that videos sell homes.

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