Nathan Cain

Nathan Cain's Face ;-)

Videographer, drone pilot, computer & network troubleshooter, web developer, and electronics recycler.


Contact me to setup a consultation for production of your next video.
Call or text (501) 463-6336.

Computer and network troubleshooting

Contact me if you need help with your computer(s) or your network.
(501) 463-6336

I wrote a book

Buy my book about learning Chinese. It's on Amazon. It's called Knee Howdy: Challenge Chinese Vocabulary to a Duel and Bury it Six Feet Under Inside Your Brain.

Web development and Apps

Check out some of my personal projects:

E-waste management

I can collect your company's electronic equipment that is near or at the end of its useful life. Depending on the level of certification and/or data wiping you require this can many times be done at no fee. Your e-waste will be handled in an environmentally responsible way and in accordance with all local laws.

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